Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back from Cincinatti.....and progress

...and I am back. Van ran wonderful although I discovered my loose steering wheel is actually a loose steering wheel and a cracked steering column. That will be dealt with later.

As a Christmas present, my friends insulated my house for me...most of it. I came home to the walls (up to the half wall) insulated and vapor barrier installed. They also replaced the broken window with a much smaller one. I am going to replace the replacement next week. The small window just does not look right. Today I finished insulating the rest and bought the bits to run my stove-pipe through the roof. That will be tomorrow's project as it is supposed to get really cold here in the mountains over the next few days.

I have been pondering wall coverings and, as cost effective drywall is, I think that the weight and likely hood of cracking  when I move the building precludes it as a good candidate. I looked at 5mm luann plywood (door skin) and that might work if I prime and paint it well. I will make the final decision on my next trip to Lowe's. I will also pick up new plywood for a second layer on the floor and my floor laminates......and my budget will be about blown. The sleeping loft will have to wait. I think I may just use a futon for now.

Pictures soon......