Sunday, January 20, 2013

showering... today I installed the shower pan and plumbed it to a soaker hose in one of my garden beds. Installation was pretty easy using a rubber feed tub from Tractor Supply, some PVC bits, a sink drain and some garden hose. The shower base is a 16 gallon feed tub that I drilled a hole in the bottom of a installed a sink drain. It is 2' in diameter and about 12" tall. It is made of a fiber impregnated rubber (thick!) and is very flexible. I chose this thinking that it would create a nice tight seal on the drain, and I was right. Connected to the bottom of the drain is a drain slip joint, a coupling collar, a screw in reducer and a screw on barbed fitting that will accommodate  garden hose. I ran the hose and then glued all the PVC bits together and connected them to the drain which was mounted in the "tub". 5 gallons of water later there were no leaks and I went to work drilling holes in the end of the hose under my garden bed. I was planning on using my Zodi Heater but my Dad got an Ecotemp shower and it is a better solution. It is  mated to a demand pump (recycled shureflo RV pump) and when the water is turned on the ecotemp ignites and voila' HOT WATER!!

Anyway....those are the big bits. Coming soon are photo's!!