Thursday, August 8, 2013

recording music in a tiny solar house.....

So a large part of my life has always been making music. For years it was how I mad my living and only recently have I not been doing anything musically. I have quite a bit of recording gear which has lived at various times in a garage, a storage unit, some dudes small studio, and most recently and aborted attempt at a community arts center. Yesterday, I retrieved all of my equipment and moved it a tiny house. It might fit. I have missed recording music so much that I have been hysterically thinking about setting it all up in the house.
  My recorder is a stand alone Korg unit with moving faders and all the bells and whistles including a guitar modeler so I would not need any outboard equipment except an 8 channel mic pre (if I want to record drums). I would not have any monitors per se but I think a 300-500 watt inverter would supply enough juice for the recorder. I could build a box that had a pop up table for under the couch (which I plan to raise anyway) and all of my mics and cables could fit beneath the recorder. Mic stands could be stored at the foot of my bed in the loft and it would take some doing but I think I could make a little music in the house.
  I also own a bunch of guitars which would have to hang on the wall which is not such a bad thing. I need to do some research on the power consumption of the recorder and any other gear and prolly add a couple of more batteries to extend recording time but I think this is doable.