Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photo's......some progress

Garden Beds....Big...Little...Littler
Garden Beds
Reclaimed Pallet Garden Bed....for Squash and Zuchinni

Garden bed and Storage!

Ike and the ladies...

Oven base and Brick BBQ

I have Peas!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is in the air......

.....So cousin Jess and I have been putting in the garden. We built another large bed for tomatoes and a neat raised "table bed" for squash and zucchini. The raised bed was constructed from an old pallet that we raised about 2' on sturdy legs. We wrapped 2 sides with heavy plastic to keep some of the weather out and put a layer of landscape fabric and reclaimed tin roofing as the floor of the pallet. Underneath is great storage for the chicken feed, generator and chain-saw. The chickens are doing great. I am getting 2-3 eggs a day and I have started letting them out in the evenings to forage a bit. They are beasts when it comes to scratching up hillside! I put wheels on the chicken coop but they need to be tweaked a bit to make em' more functional. Now the long coop looks like a Beverly Hillbillies Dragster with large bicycle tires on the back. Sho' has been very attentive towards the birds and while I don't fully trust her, she seems to be getting that they are friends and not chew toys. Luckily, the chickens are not skittish at all and pretty much ignore her unless she gets right up on em for some sniffing. There was a Subaru catastrophe last week as the "Goat" gave up the ghost with a broken timing belt. Next week was supposed to "awesome solar system" week but it looks like I will have to use that money for car repairs. Ces't La Vie. The Sube had already paid for itself in fuel savings driving to and from work (82 miles a day!) so it is worth putting a little more money into. I am back to driving the vandaminium for now. I put it up on craigslist for a grand and have had some interest so when the car is fixed I may be able to sell it and buy solar panels.

 projects still to come.....

  • Solar System
  • Finish the kitchen
  • Metal roof and gutter system for rain harvesting
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Small storage shed for the raft
I will do a picture dump soon with some new photo's. Thanks for reading.