Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Water Supply Update...

I was doing a little Fall cleaning over the weekend and I decided to take a peek inside the water tank. Glad I did.....I found a layer of scum on the bottom. Everything I read said to have a solid colored tank to keep light out and inhibit algae growth but I though since my tank was in the shed..out of direct sunlight that I would be OK. Well, I was wrong. Cleaning the tank was not a big deal....a shop vac, scrub brush and a bit of bleach did the trick. the episode did bring to light some design flaws in my system...

1. I need a drain from the main tank to the outside.  I disconnected my supply line into the house to drain the tank but I need to plumb in a permanent way to drain the main tank for cleaning. A simple Y fitting and a length of hose with a shut-off will work. That will be the next project...

2. I need some form of pressurized water when the tank is empty. This time I used a super soaker but I need a better solution.

3. Even though I don't drink the water I still need to treat it. A little bleach would have gon a long way.

4. I need a better pre-filter system. There was a little more debris in the tank than I was expecting....likely from some very heavy rains we had. A tighter screen, angled away from the house would probably help a lot.

All in all the system is working great. I will need to keep a better eye on maintenance and keeping the inside clean though...especially when I put my new roof on and start drinking the water..

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